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   Gallery - Ancient Ones

Stoned Big Horns: Signal Hill, AZ.Defiant Man: Wilderness Area, UtahHis Majesty: Wilderness Area, UtahThe Holy Ghost & His Court/Horizontal: Wilderness Area, UtahFire & Ice: Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Kiva Storm: Chaco Canyon, New MexicoFallen Corner Stone: Chaco Canyon, New MexicoSprit Rock: Wilderness Area, UtahSpiral Rock: Signal Hill, AZ.The Head Hunter: Dinosaur National Monument, UT.
Primeval Chamber: White Mesa, UtahWupatki Sunset: Wupatki National Monument, AZ.Under The Rainbow: Wilderness Area, UtahAncient Corridor: Chaco Canyon, New MexicoThe Last Dance: Wilderness Area, Utah
Etched Big Horns: Monument Valley, AZ.The Holy Ghost & His Court/Vertical: Wilderness Area, UtahThe Hunter: Wilderness Area, Utah
Title: "Etched Big Horns"
Location: Monument Valley, AZ.
Etched Big Horns: Monument Valley, AZ.
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